1HP Gear Drive Portable Mixer

1HP Gear Drive Portable Mixer

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Sharpe Mixers clamp mounted Gear Drive Portable Mixer with 1hp motor, white powder-coated nosecone, and single or dual hyflo impellers. This mixer line has been refined and improved over the years to assure that every component has significant advantages over other mixers on the market. From the nearly indestructible white powder-coated finish to the stainless-steel mounting clamp, from the vapor-tight coupling housing to the quality-10 gearing, you can be confident that your Sharpe Mixer will look and operate like new after years of duty.


1HP, 1750 RPM, 1PH, 60Hz, 110volts.

TEFC, 56C frame, Sharpe motor and mount. 10' cord & switch.

SS316 C-clamp with vibration mount. Standard food grade Viton lip seal in nosecone/spool.

Shaft 1" dia. x 70" long, RPM is 350.